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Special occasion events

Do you want to celebrate an important moment in your life? Celebrate it with us at Padre Restaurant.


Organizing an unforgettable private event on your own is a big challenge. It requires time to prepare the right, comfortable venue, delicious meals for guests, and planning entertainment. At Padre Restaurant, located in the heart of Krakow, we understand that every organizer of a family celebration wants the event to be well-prepared in every detail. That’s why we offer comprehensive services related to organizing weddings, birthdays, name days, anniversaries, wakes, or corporate events.

Our restaurant is a very intimate and charming place, perfect for planning important gatherings with family and friends. We provide top-notch service, a wide range of culinary delights prepared by talented and experienced chefs, and an elegant decor inspired by the streets of Rome.

The close proximity to the Old Town and the possibility of walking along the Planty make these important occasions unforgettable.